He said, she said...

"What do you mean?" she exclaimed in surprise.
"Well, the word 'said' is overused in novels," he countered definitively.
"But 'said' is a non-word that readers don't notice," she breathed, breathlessly.
"Surely you cannot wish to replace it?" he asserted with shock.

Yeah, it's pretty annoying. I personally have a massive problem with my characters hissing their dialogue when annoyed. Or laughing. I mean, have you ever tried to hiss an entire sentence without spitting on someone? Or laugh a reply without coming across like a crazy person?

So I am currently trying my very best to stick with 'said'. I heard that, if you write really well, readers should only notice the story and not the words. Although I have a massive urge to stick 'he ejaculated' somewhere in my book. Yes, I am 10 years old.


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