Steampunk Blog Templates

Steampunk blog templates are not easy to come by. I discovered this fact when searching for an interesting and sufficiently original look for this wonderful new site of mine. There are a few vintage/antique/victorian style themes available (for Wordpress and Blogger) that look pretty good, although what I would love to see is something with gears/pistons/brass and what-not.

But here are my top picks of what you can download for free, all in one place so no one need bother with all that pesky googling and hunting about the web. In the end, I made my own template (based on my work-in-progress novel, if you are wondering...) and am going to attempt another theme which will hopefully look something like the inner workings of a steampunk computer. How cool would that be?!

Click image to go to download site:
Aspire Wordpress and Blogger Templates Papyrus Wordpress Template Parchment Blogger Template Vintage paper Blogger Template Vintage Wordpress Template Duffy Wordpress Template